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Another 12 colors have been added to the Puppets Mouliné split embroidery range

Recently, 12 more colors were added to the Puppets Mouliné split embroidery range, so instead of 272, the Puppets color range now consists of 284 colors. The manufacturer replaced colors that were simply missing. Since the colors of the yarns for the Bela Gobelin sets are selected by hand, we know which colors were previously missing from the range. There was a lack of blue-purple shades in particular. You can buy the new Puppets Mouliné prices at online store, and we use it to create the Bella Gobelin embroidery kits. In addition to the printed tapestry pattern, the embroidery kit includes the right amount of Puppets Mouliné thread selected for its colors and one embroidery needle according to the stitch density of the canvas (needle/normal).

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